Advocating for the continuous development of renewables in the transport sector.

We believe that waste-based biodiesel is the best possible fuel to reduce carbon emissions in the transport sector today, and together with our members, we intend to showcase the sector’s importance in the media. Read more about EWABA’s press coverage and future events, and find out useful information on policy and market updates through our blog and podcast series.

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World Ethanol & Biofuels

7-9 November 2023, Brussels & Digital

Running for 26 years the World Ethanol & Biofuels event is the global industry event for policy driven market insights, international trading dynamics, technical innovations and product diversification. This year the event agenda will dive into the expanding role for biofuels a key solution to transport decarbonisation,  advanced biofuel opportunities, feedstock supplies and the SAF take-off. Also discover the biorefineries of tomorrow with the ultimate goal of producing multiple low carbon revenue streams and reducing their CO2 emissions in biofuels production through carbon capture, utilisation and storage.

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Future of Biofuels 2023 | 5th European Conference

24-25 October 2023

EWABA is partnering with the 5th European Conference Future of Biofuels taking place on 24-25 October 2023 in Copenhagen, Denmark. After a succesful 2022 edition, this year the conference is focusing on production and implementation of biofuels and future fuels in maritime and aviation sectors to speed up their decarbonization. Other points of focus are: development of new supply chains, latest trends and perspectives for low carbon fuels in fuels mix but also new production technologies, refineries case studies and more. 

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B+ Manifesto on Decarbonising Heavy-Duty Vehicles (HDVs) with higher biodiesel blends

28 April 2023


On the occasion of the 1st B+ Summit, a diverse group of more than 50 organizations has decided to sign the B+ Manifesto on Decarbonising Heavy-Duty Vehicles (HDVs) with higher biodiesel blends. The B+ Manifesto emphasizes the need to decarbonise the existing HDV fleet in the most cost-effective way, and highlights the potential of all green fuels to achieve this goal.

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EWABA Interview: “There is no silver bullet to decarbonize the whole of transport. All sustainable technologies will play their part in reaching the Net Zero goal.”

April 2023

Ewald-Marco Muenzer, President of EWABA and CEO of Muenzer Bioindustrie discusses the upcoming 1st European B+ Summit dedicated on higher blends and the need for transport to follow a technology neutral approach to decarbonise as timely and efficiently as possible.

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Argus Green Marine Fuels Conference 2023

23-25 May 2023

Join 250+ senior industry peers from across the shipping industry and discuss key questions and potential solutions to the decarbonisation of the shipping supply chain at Argus Green Marine Fuels Conference, 23-25 May 2023.

The event offers you high impact networking opportunities with senior industry stakeholders, and insights into key developments that are shaping the shipping industry, including IMO, EU regulation and more. Hear from senior industry leaders across the methanol, ammonia, hydrogen, LNG, and biofuels sectors, alongside key regulators, governments and ship owners and discover their views of how the marιne fuel matrix of the future is shaping up.

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EWABA Press Release on REDIII political deal

30 March 2023

EWABA publishes a Press Release welcoming the Renewable Energy Directive III (REDIII) political deal reached by EU negotiators.

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EWABA Press Release on FuelEU Maritime Regulation

23 March 2023

EWABA publishes a Press Release strongly welcoming the FuelEU Maritime Regulation political deal reached by trilogue maritime negotiators.

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Biofuels International Conference & Expo 2023

16-17 May 2023

The Biofuels International conference & expo 2023 will focus on the latest developments in biofuels policy, trading, sustainability, solutions for biofuels producers and information on feedstock pricing and trends.

Topics to be addressed will cover:

  • Global efforts to upscale feedstocks for the production of biofuels
  • Outlooks for biodiesel and bioethanol markets
  • Challenges and opportunitities for SAF in the air freight industry
  • How are airlines working across the value chain to develop SAF production to meet supply needs
  • The role of biofuels in securing security of supply
  • Plus much more interesting topics
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1st European B+ Summit: Large-scale decarbonisation of Heavy-Duty Vehicles through higher biodiesel blends

26-28 April 2023

The EWABA Secretariat is thrilled to officially invite you to the 1st European B+ Summit taking place in Estoril at the Estoril Convention Center, on 26-28 April 2023. Together with our Portuguese member ABA and EU association EBB, we decided to promote the first international conference dedicated to higher biodiesel blends (B+), which will provide a privileged opportunity to meet and network with like-minded industry players, including representatives of transport and logistics companies, fuel blenders, policymakers, environmentalists, etc., and to engage in a productive debate on the Large-scale decarbonization of Heavy-Duty Vehicles through higher biodiesel blends.

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EUBCE 2022 – 31st European Biomass Conference and Exhibition

5-8 June 2023, Conference and Exhibition, 9 June 2023, Technical Tours, Bologna and online

EUBCE is the largest biomass conference and exhibition in the world.

Each year, EUBCE brings together the greatest minds and latest advancements in biomass, with the aim of accelerating research and market uptake across the globe. During the conference, over 2,000 experts from both academia and industry share and discuss groundbreaking ideas, technologies, applications, and solutions for the sourcing, production, and utility of biomass.

Its 31st edition will be the first in-person event in over 3 years; but will, by no means, be a return “back” to anything. Rather, EUBCE 2023 will be hybrid, to continue the global reach enabled by the virtual platform used in recent years.

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19th International Symposium on Waste Management and Sustainable Landfilling / Cagliari, Italy

9-13 October 2022

The 19th edition of the Sardinia Symposium will take place at the Forte Village Resort in Santa Margherita di Pula, Cagliari (Italy) from 9 to 13 October 2023.

Sardinia Symposia are a biennial event organized by IWWG - International Waste Working Group, with the scientific support of the Universities of Padova (IT), BOKU, Vienna (AT), Tongji (CN) and the Technical Universities of Luleå (SE) and Hamburg (DE).

Founded in 1987, the conference usually gathers more than 700 participants from all around the world, with more than 400 papers presented at each edition, making the Sardinia Symposium the most important solid waste management conference in the world. The programme of Sardinia 2023 will include leading keynote presentations, parallel oral sessions, workshops, active labs and other practical activities, discussion forums, poster presentations, commercial exhibition, B2B meetings, outstanding networking opportunities and exciting social events!

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Fuels of the Future: 20th International Conference for Renewable Mobility

23-24 January 2023

The 20th International Conference on Renewable Mobility "Fuels of the Future" will take place from 23rd to 24th January 2023. Fuels of the future 2023 welcomes national and international participants including representatives from the raw material collecting and processing industry, the biofuel, mineral oil and automotive industry, the chemical industry, the transport and logistics sector, certification systems as well as from politics, science and research.

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ABA Interview: "As long as there is 1L of oil in national mobility, there is an opportunity for ABA to grow"

October 2022

Emanuel Proenca, President at the Portuguese Advanced Bioenergy Association (ABA) and CEO of PRIO Bio discusses the decarbonisions efforts of the Portuguese industry, focusing on the role of ABA and the wide available solutions needed to achieve this goal. 

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Decarbonize aviation the right way

September 2022

EWABA published an article at the latest European Energy Innovation (EEI) special autumn magazine edition magazine. Our article titled 'Decarbonize aviation the right way' presents some of the unintended negative consequences stemming from the ReFuelEU proposal and highlights the importance of a level playing field for waste lipids across all transport sectors. The EEI autumn special edition is linked to the European Energy Sustainable Week 2022.

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Hold the Door for Waste-based & Advanced Biodiesel

September 2022

The survival of the waste-based & advanced biodiesel industry is at risk by the existing ReFuelEU proposal. EWABA presents a video shedding light on the unintended consequences stemming from the current fit-for-55 proposals and requests a level playing field for a hard-working industry promoting the circular economy.

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EWABA Position Paper on Trilogue fit-for-55 - 22 September 2022

22 September 2022

EWABA publishes its PoP on the Trilogue negotiations for key legislative files: REDIII, FuelEU Maritime and ReFuelEU Aviation.

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Joint Letter to European Policymakers on CO2 Standards for Cars and Vans - 20 September 2022

20 September 2022

Automakers, auto part industries, fuel manufacturers and industry associations call for Trialogue negotiations to fully implement the outcome of the Council General Approach and enable, after 2035, ICE vehicles registered to run exclusively on CO2-neutral fuels.

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Decarbonizing Transport for EU Citizens!

September 2022

The European waste-based biodiesel industry counts 15+ years of continuous contribution to the circular economy and transport decarbonisation. The #DecarbonizeTransportNow video showcases the importance of the sector for Europe’s economy and environment.

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Chevron Renewable Energy Group Breaks Ground on Lower Carbon Feedstock Expansion Project

27th August 2022

Chevron Renewable Energy Group broke ground on the expansion of its Emden, Germany biorefinery during a ceremony held on Saturday. The expansion project includes the addition of a pretreatment system at the facility, which is expected to allow the business to utilize a broader variety of feedstocks for the production of biodiesel. 

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Greenergy expands biodiesel manufacturing in Amsterdam

25th August 2022

Greenergy, Europe’s largest producer of biodiesel from wastes, announced today that it is increasing production in its Amsterdam biodiesel manufacturing plant by over 25%.

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ReFuel EU – the feedstock challenge

12th July 2022

Our Austrian member BDI -BioEnergy International writes on Euractiv about the company's significant contribution to the development  of waste biofuels for road transport for over 25 years, being part of 40+ large-scale industrial projects worldwide, as well as outlines the challenges ahead.

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Short-term decarbonisation solutions for aviation risk to hinder EU climate targets

20th June 2022

Our Communications & Analysis Director Leonidas Kanonis writes for the latest entry of Road(s) to Net Zero blogpost series by the European Liberal Forum about the future decarbonisation for aviation and its significance for the whole of transport.

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Cargill supports customers’ decarbonization journey with new advanced biodiesel plant

15th June 2022

In a move aimed at reducing greenhouse gas emissions and promoting circular fuel possibilities, Cargill has completed its first state-of-the-art advanced biodiesel plant in Ghent, Belgium which converts waste oils and residues into renewable fuel. 

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The EU's climate is paramount and can't be hijacked

Biofuels International article

EWABA Director for Communications & Analysis, Leonidas Kanonis, provides his take on the proposed fit-for-55 package and it's potential impacts for the waste biofuels industry.

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Legislative odyssey for the EU biofuels sector

Biofuels International article

Different industry voices including EWABA's Secretary General, Angel Alvarez Alberdi, take a deep dive in the regulatory framework proposals expected for biofuels.

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EU Commission, industry clash over green jet fuel mandate

EurActiv article

EurActiv hosted a very lively debate on the role of sustainable aviation fuels (SAF), supported by EWABA. The EurActiv article summarizes some of the most important sections of the event.

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EU green jet fuel mandate will carve out market for big players, industry warns

EurActiv article

EurActiv take on the EU Commission’s upcoming ReFuelEU proposal and the unintended consequences it will have for the transport sector.

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Q&A with the Associação de Bioenergia Avançada (ABA)

ABA speaks with Angel Alberdi

EWABA Secretary General, Angel Alvarez Alberdi, spoke to Associação de Bioenergia Avançada (ABA) about the role of waste feedstocks and biofuels in decarbonising the transport sector and protecting the environment.

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EU biofuel reform plan risks undermining waste-based fuels: industry

EurActiv article

EWABA offers its take on the EU Commission’s proposal to halt multipliers on waste & advanced biofuels, highlighting that the EU multiplier scheme has boosted the uptake of waste-based biofuels in countries that may otherwise have looked for alternatives.

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Making an Impact Today

Dr Dave Slade introduces the integrated energy management (IEM) approach, in which fleets consider all available transportation energy sources and adopt any and all options that meet their needs today and tomorrow. Renewable fuels like waste-derived biodiesel are available today and offer significantly lower GHG emissions than petroleum diesel, and can be used today with existing engines.

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Used cooking oils are unfit to fly from a climate policy perspective

Detlef Evers, Managing Director at Mittelstandsverband abfallbasierter Kraftstoffe e.V. (MVaK) and EWABA Board Member, highlights the importance of a holistic approach when considering the transport sector, the importance of using waste feedstocks in the most efficient way possible (especially limited ones) and the way forward for the aviation industry to reach its targets.

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Make or break for the EU biofuels sector?

EWABA's Secretary General Angel Alberdi gives his take on the Biofuels International January-February 2022 magazine edition elaborating on this year's many legislative and policy decisions affecting the EU biofuels regulatory framework. The original piece was published in the Biofuels International January-February 2022 magazine edition.

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Spanish market situation and risks for 2022

General Manager at Biocom Energía, S.L. and EWABA Spain president, Enrique González, outlines some of the main challenges and uncertainties for the Spanish waste-based biodiesel market for the year ahead. 

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Advanced bioenergy in Portugal and the role of ABA

Ana Marisa Calhôa, General Secretary of Associação de Bioenergia Avançada introduces the advanced bioenergy potential for Portugal for the year ahead and the coming decade.

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New EWABA Member Novozymes sees positive outlook for waste-based biodiesel

Global Marketing & Business Development Biodiesel Manager, Robert Lindström, discusses the development of waste-based biodiesel in Europe and the role of bio-processing to decarbonize transportation. 

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EU Shipping BCE - The role of Low Carbon Fuels in Decarbonising Maritime Transport

19-21 September 2022

Join the EU Shipping BCE conference to gains insight about the available strategies in decarbonising maritime transport and the role of the existing and expected low carbon fuels along with their value chains. The Conference will provide the opportunity for policy makers, the shipping industry, engine manufacturers, harbours and low carbon fuels providers to meet in an intensive three-day programme to exchange views and debate strategies.

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Argus Biofuels Europe Conference 2022

11-13 October 2022

The Argus Biofuels Europe Conference returns to London in-person and online on 11-13 October 2022. The event will bring together the biofuels industry for the much-awaited return of one of the industry's leading networking events.

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2nd Annual Biofuels Inventu Forum

9-10 June 2022

Join the 2nd Annual Inventu Biofuels Forum to gains insights at the latest updates from EU regulation such as fit for 55 and the implmentation of REDII, the availability of sustainable feedstock, current status and development of advanced biofuels in the EU, sustainable aviation and maritime fuels, and strategies and technologies that contribute to low carbon emission targets by 2030 and 2050.

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Argus Green Marine Fuels Conference

23 - 25 May 2022, Rotterdam, Netherlands & Online Access

The Argus Green Marine Fuels Conference (23 - 25 May 2022) will bring together leading decision makers and trailblazers across industries working towards providing sustainable solutions for the maritime fuel sector.

Hear from companies ranging from alternative future fuel suppliers to shipowners, regulators, associations and financiers as they discuss key questions and potential solutions to the decarbonisation of the shipping supply chain.

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S&P Global Platts European Biofuels Conference

28 April 2022

Join the S&P Platts European Biofuels Conference to gain unique insight into the outlook for 2022, understand the implications of the European Fit for 55 Package and RED II, address key questions on feedstock availability and quantity, examine market developments surrounding future fuels such as SAF, Ethanol and Renewable Diesel and, much more.

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Ewaba expects higher waste-feedstock demand

Argus speaks with Leonidas Kanonis

Argus spoke with Leonidas Kanonis, Ewaba's communications director, to discuss the development of the waste feedstocks market.

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The squabble over waste-based biofuels

Article from Melanie Williams Consulting

We have to decarbonise all forms of transport to reach net zero, but what happens when there aren’t enough low carbon fuels to go round? 

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Biofuels International Conference & Expo

19-20 October 2021

The Biofuels International conference & expo will focus on the latest developments in biofuels policy, trading, sustainability, solutions for biofuels producers and information on feedstock pricing and trends.

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EurActiv Virtual Conference on Refueling aviation: the role & types of sustainable aviation fuels (SAF)

28 September 2021

EurActiv is hosting an event devoted to refueling aviation and the role and types of sustainable aviation fuels (SAF). The event, supported by EWABA, will feature a panel comprised of experts and policymakers, who will be discussing the ReFuelEU proposal and the role that novel technologies should play to decarbonize aviation.

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Waste to Fuels

The Benefits of waste-based biofuels

Waste-based biofuel offers significantly lower carbon dioxide & greenhouse gas emissions.

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