Advocating for the continuous development of renewables in the transport sector.

We believe that waste-based biodiesel is the best possible fuel to reduce carbon emissions in the transport sector today, and together with our members, we intend to showcase the sector’s importance in the media. Read more about EWABA’s press coverage and future events, and find out useful information on policy and market updates through our blog and podcast series.

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Platts European Biofuels Conference

21 September 2021

The S&P Global Platts Biofuels Conference is returning this year to offer expert insights on RED II, national mandates across Europe, supply & demand fundamentals on key markets and increasing competition on feedstock sourcing. EWABA will be speaking at the event, highlighting the most important legislative proposals under the fit-for-55 package and their impact on markets.

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EU green jet fuel mandate will carve out market for big players, industry warns

EurActiv article

EurActiv take on the EU Commission’s upcoming ReFuelEU proposal and the unintended consequences it will have for the transport sector.

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Q&A with the Associação de Bioenergia Avançada (ABA)

ABA speaks with Angel Alberdi

EWABA Secretary General, Angel Alvarez Alberdi, spoke to Associação de Bioenergia Avançada (ABA) about the role of waste feedstocks and biofuels in decarbonising the transport sector and protecting the environment.

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EU biofuel reform plan risks undermining waste-based fuels: industry

EurActiv article

EWABA offers its take on the EU Commission’s proposal to halt multipliers on waste & advanced biofuels, highlighting that the EU multiplier scheme has boosted the uptake of waste-based biofuels in countries that may otherwise have looked for alternatives.

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Making an Impact Today

Dr Dave Slade introduces the integrated energy management (IEM) approach, in which fleets consider all available transportation energy sources and adopt any and all options that meet their needs today and tomorrow. Renewable fuels like waste-derived biodiesel are available today and offer significantly lower GHG emissions than petroleum diesel, and can be used today with existing engines.

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Ewaba expects higher waste-feedstock demand

Argus speaks with Leonidas Kanonis

Argus spoke with Leonidas Kanonis, Ewaba's communications director, to discuss the development of the waste feedstocks market.

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The squabble over waste-based biofuels

Article from Melanie Williams Consulting

We have to decarbonise all forms of transport to reach net zero, but what happens when there aren’t enough low carbon fuels to go round? 

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Biofuels International Conference & Expo

19-20 October 2021

The Biofuels International conference & expo will focus on the latest developments in biofuels policy, trading, sustainability, solutions for biofuels producers and information on feedstock pricing and trends.

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EurActiv Virtual Conference on Refueling aviation: the role & types of sustainable aviation fuels (SAF)

28 September 2021

EurActiv is hosting an event devoted to refueling aviation and the role and types of sustainable aviation fuels (SAF). The event, supported by EWABA, will feature a panel comprised of experts and policymakers, who will be discussing the ReFuelEU proposal and the role that novel technologies should play to decarbonize aviation.

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Waste to Fuels

The Benefits of waste-based biofuels

Waste-based biofuel offers significantly lower carbon dioxide & greenhouse gas emissions.

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