Our Members

Working together to produce sustainable fuels that create added economic and environmental value.

Our members are producers of biodiesel from used cooking oil, animal fats and other advanced waste feedstocks, waste collectors and technology providers. EWABA members are jointly bringing waste-based biofuels with up to +90% greenhouse gas (GHG) savings to the market, when compared with mineral diesel fuel.

Our members are working together to produce renewable fuels that create added economic and environmental value, by preventing waste and residues from causing noxious pollution, adding GHG emissions and blocking major urban infrastructure sewage systems.

EWABA gathers corporate members active in the majority of EU Member States and in important non-EU markets such as the United Kingdom and Switzerland.

We represent our members’ interests before European and national authorities by directly interacting with officials and decision-makers and distributing a wide array of policy materials such as position papers, consultation responses and policy proposals.

EWABA members are jointly bringing waste-based biofuels with up to +90% greenhouse gas (GHG) savings to the market, when compared with mineral diesel fuel.

Our Members

ABA is the Portuguese non-profit advanced biofuels association promoting bioenergy in the energy transition to the circular economy.


Adriatica Oli has 35+ years of experience in waste management, specialising in the collection, separation, recovery and disposal processes.

Adriatica Oli

Argent Energy, part of Swire Group, is the pioneer of large scale commercial production of waste biodiesel in the UK, serving over 100 depots across the country.

Argent Energy

BDI is a specialized plant manufacturer, with expertise in residual & waste materials refining in a patented self-developed multifeedstock technology.


BioAdvance is a Portuguese waste-based and advanced biodiesel producer, with important by-products such as methanol, glycerin and bioheating oil .


Biofuels Switzerland is the official association of the Swiss biofuels industry, representing the interests of the entire industry.

Biofuels Switzerland

Darling Ingredients is a global collector of animal fats and used cooking oils for different industry applications, including the waste-based biodiesel production.

Darling Ingredients

A founding member of EWABA, Elin Verd is a pioneer in the production of biodiesel from waste and largely relying on domestically collected feedstock.

Elin Verd

Slovak-based Envien Group, the largest biofuel holding in Central and Eastern Europe,  holds factories also in Czech Republic, Hungary and Croatia.

Envien Group

Evonik is one of the world leaders in the specialty chemicals industry and focuses on meeting the growing materials requirement for biodiesel production.


Green Biofuels Ireland is a leading supplier of biodiesel, glycerol, potassium sulphate, and other biofuel products throughout Ireland.

Green Biofuels Ireland

Greenergy is the UK's only national fuel supplier and Europe's largest waste-based and advanced biodiesel producer.


One of Spain's largest waste advanced biodiesel producer with logistic operations in the most important ports of the Iberian Peninsula.

Greenfuel Extremadura

One of the world's largest independent commodities trading houses, operating two waste biodiesel factories in Spain.


Hardlevel is a leading Portuguese waste management operator whose main acivity is managing used food oils under ISSC-EU certified business.


Initiativas Bioenergeticas has the largest production capacity of waste-based biodiesel in Spain and is committed to reducing CO2 emissions.

Initiativas Bioenergeticas

Muenzer is one of the EU's largest biodiesel producers with 30+ years industry presence and operations in 11 location worldwide.

Muenzer Bioindustrie

MVaK is the German waste biofuels association representing companies that process waste and residues into high quality renewable fuels.


Natural Bio Power Company is a broker consultancy and logistics company based in the Netherlands.

Natural Bio Power Company

Nord Ester, part of the Daudruy Group, is a French waste-based biodiesel producer from used cooking oils and animal fats.

Nord Ester

Prasino Ladi is part of Elin Verd and focuses on the collection, storage and distribution of used cooking oils for biodiesel production.

Prasino Ladi

PRIO is the largest producer of biofuels in Portugal and the third largest European producer of biodiesel from waste raw materials.


Originated in the US, REG is the largest biodiesel producer in the States and an important EU waste biodiesel producer in Germany and Europe.


RSB is a global independent organisation that develops the bio-based and circular economy through sustainability solutions, certification and collaborative partnerships.


Part of APG, Sabio Fuels is the group's advanced biofuels division producing waste and advanced biodiesel as well as glycerol.

Sabio Fuels

Trafin Oil is the largest collector of used cooking oils and fats in the Czech Republic, with operations in Slovakia and Poland as well.

Trafin Oil

WON is a leading Bulgarian company specialised in the collection and treatment of used cooking oil, operating locally but also internationally.

Waste Oil Net

Why should I become a member?

EWABA represents the interests of its members, ensuring that their voice is heard in the European Commission. Members benefit from regular updates on association activities, strategy and happenings in Brussels; via calls and email updates.

Members are also invited to the EWABA General Assembly which takes place annually in Brussels, and is a chance for all members to meet with each other and discuss actions from the previous year and the association’s strategy going forward. Being a member of EWABA is a statement to the European Commission and wider community that you are committed to reducing emissions through the production of waste-based and advanced biodiesel.

How is the cost of membership calculated?

Membership rates are based on the volumes of waste feedstocks or waste-based and advanced biodiesel that you process; this approach ensures rates are affordable for organizations of all sizes.

How many members do we have?

EWABA currently has 38 members who operate in 19 European member states.

Member initiatives

Read about some of our members latest initiatives.


Advanced Biofuel Solutions Ltd (‘ABSL’), a developer and producer of advanced biofuels, and our UK member Greenergy, a leading manufacturer and supplier of waste-based biofuels, announced this year the signing of a Joint Development Agreement to develop, construct and operate up to five municipal waste-based biofuel plants in the UK.

Design work for the first plant to be situated at Ellesmere Port near Liverpool is underway and commercial production is due to commence in 2025. Subsequent plants are planned over the following years.

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BDI-BioEnergy International GmbH

Our Austrian member BDI-BioEnergy International GmbH celebrates 25 years! BDI gained international acclaim for its outstanding competences in both in-house development and the implementation of forward thinking and environmentally friendly technologies. The latter enables the profitable manufacturing of renewable energies through waste products and residual materials. BDI-BioEnergy International GmbH was in fact the first ever company to build industrial plants worldwide to convert used cooking oil and animal waste fats into top-quality biodiesel. Many of their patented technologies are the result of a long-term collaboration with local Styrian colleges including the Technische Universität Graz and the Karl-Franzens-Universität Graz.

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Renewable Energy Group (REG)

GoodFuels, the world-leading supplier of sustainable marine biofuels, and global producer and supplier of renewable fuels Renewable Energy Group, Inc. (REG) have entered a long-term agreement for the supply and development of sustainable marine biofuel solutions for the global shipping industry. 
With REG’s expertise in biofuels and GoodFuels’ pioneering strengths, both companies are playing an important role in enabling the decarbonization efforts for shipping companies.

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Bioledger and Roundtable on Sustainable Biomaterials (RSB)

Our members Bioledger and Roundtable on Sustainable Biomaterials (RSB) have launched a case study on the potential of a blockchain database to support traceability of biofuels and its feedstocks, with main aim to overcome the vulnerabilities identified in securing the supply of sustainable renewable fuels.Completed in the first half of 2020, the prototype project was designed by stakeholders and piloted by four partners involved in the production and distribution of fuels from used cooking oil (UCO) including among others our UK member Greenergy, Europe’s largest waste-based biodiesel producer.

Secretary General of EWABA, Angel Alvarez Alberdi, celebrated the project, saying, “Bioledger and RSB have built upon the waste-based biodiesel industry’s collective knowledge and experience with highly complex supply chains to provide a state-of-the-art solution that significantly improves traceability and transparency in the market.

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Our Portuguese member Prio has developed an environmentally friendly marine fuel that is currently available in ports across the Iberian Peninsula. The 'Eco-bunker' fuel has a 15% share of waste-derived biodiesel and is responsible for reducing CO2 emissions up to 18% and fuel consumption by up to 5%.

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Envien Group

Our Slovak member Envien Group supplies biodiesel B100 to road freight carrier Yellow Express, launching greener operations with high biodiesel blends for trucks through the Biojazda.sk project.

The Scania Group truck, tested by Yellow Express, and supplied by Envien’s Meroco plant, is fully adapted to burn B100 (100% biodiesel) fuel without fossil diesel into the mix or any engine modifications.The domestic Association for the production and use of biofuels (ZVVB) states that “with current renewable energy options, Slovakia is unable to meet its commitment of 14% of renewable energy sources by 2030. High biofuel blends in road transport are already possible and can represent a cost-effective solution to achieve additional CO2 savings.“ 

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Hardlevel - Energias Renováveis

Our member Hardlevel - Energias Renováveis has invested in a smart IoT-based waste management system for the collection of used cooking oil (UCO) in Portugal. Hardlevel's principal managing partner Salim Karmali discusses on EURACTIV about the company's effort to promote UCO recycling for the production of waste-based biofuels by setting up 2000+ collection points nationwide and 80+ partnerships across municipalities and the retail sector. A great and innovative project for promoting the circular economy!

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Our member Greenergy has announced plans to produce low carbon fuels from waste tyre feedstock. The project, located near London, will utilise pyrolysis and hydrotreating technologies to convert waste tyres into renewable drop-in advanced biofuels. The process will also recover carbon black, a product that can be used in the circular economy to produce new tyres and other industrial rubber products.

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