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Representing the interests of the EU waste biodiesel industry at large.

Founded in 2013, the European Waste-based & Advanced Biofuels Association (EWABA) is representing the interests of the European waste-based and advanced biofuels industry.

EWABA is a members-driven non-profit association that supports the promotion of waste-derived biofuels given their major contribution to the EU’s transport renewable fuel mix.

Our work aims to secure public policies that enable large-scale deployment of sustainable biofuels across the EU, in the most efficient way possible. We always incorporate climate mitigation effects at the core of our advocacy in order to address increasing inter-sectoral competition across the wider transport industry.

We are a Brussels-based association representing our members’ interests before EU institutions, national governments, industry stakeholders and the media. Our main objective is to ensure a fair regulatory framework for the promotion of waste-based biofuels across the road and maritime transport sectors.

In this continuous effort, EWABA promotes waste-based and advanced biofuels given their essential role in decarbonizing the transport sector and owing to their high greenhouse gas (GHG) savings and energy efficient production.

Our main objective is to ensure a fair regulatory framework for the promotion of waste-based biofuels across the road and maritime transport sectors.

Executive Board

The Executive Board consists of industry experts and waste-based biodiesel market leaders steering the direction for the association to achieve its policy objectives.


The Secretariat is representing EWABA members by sharing knowledge and expertise with policy makers, the media, and the general public. We engage in a range of communication activities, representing the association at key international events and evolving regulatory and industry developments.

Angel Alvarez Alberdi

Secretary General

Angel represents the waste-based biodiesel industry vis-à-vis the European Commission, European Parliament, Member State authorities and other EU and international stakeholders such as UN bodies, NGOs and research institutes.

Our Secretary General is in charge of the administrative and budgetary management of the association, including policy notes, position papers, legal advice and newsletters, and organizes and chairs internal meetings and represents the association in international conferences and events.

Leonidas Kanonis

Director for Communications & Analysis

Leonidas is in charge of outreach activities concerning policy issues, market developments and member initiatives, among others.

Our Communication Director promotes the scope and benefits of the waste-based biodiesel industry through market analysis, stakeholder engagement, industry events, and the association’s social media channels.

Dáša Mamrillová

Government Affairs Director

Dasa is involved with policy-related issues and supports the Secretary General in representing the association before EU institutions, and other policy-oriented stakeholders.

Our Government Affairs Director hosts internal and external policy meetings and constantly updates EWABA members on waste biofuels-related legislative files.

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Exert influence over policy in Brussels, be kept up to date with ongoing policy and market developments and trust that EWABA is representing you and your business at a European policy level. Together, we strive to showcase the positive climate and economic effects of the waste-based biodiesel supply chain.

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