Decarbonizing Transport for EU Citizens!

The European Waste-based & Advanced Biofuels Association (EWABA) presents a campaign showcasing the benefits our industry and members bring to the EU economy and climate

Waste-based & Advanced Biodiesel for All

The waste-based biodiesel industry counts more than 15 years of life, while EWABA is nearing a decade of existence. During this time, the European waste-based biodiesel industry has always been on a double mission.

  • Collecting waste oils that would otherwise pollute our landfills and freshwater systems
  • Reusing waste oils to produce a renewable fuel of the highest greenhouse gas (GHG) savings under EU transport policy

EWABA members have been delivering renewable fuels with up to 90% GHG savings compared with diesel fuel to EU citizens for over 15 years, achieving significant emissions reductions for the transport sector. In 2021 alone, waste biodiesel producers within the EWABA network prevented 6.3 million tons of CO2eq from being released into the atmosphere, up from 5.3 million tons of CO2eq prevented in 2020. Our industry is growing and so is our members’ contribution towards the EU’s climate targets.

Apart from providing volumes for road transport, the most polluting transport sector, several of our members are supplying waste-based & advanced biodiesel to the maritime sector where demand has grown significantly over the last years.

Our objective is to continuously set the bar higher and scale up our impact as well as contribution to EU’s ‘Net Zero’ strategy.

⬇️ Check out our video highlighting the importance of the waste-based & advanced biodiesel sector for Europe’s economy and climate!

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