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About Us

Each year over 1 million tonnes of carbon dioxide (CO2) are saved from our atmosphere by EWABA members.

EWABA is a membership-driven association, aiming to showcase all of the benefits that waste-based biodiesel offers to decarbonise the EU road and maritime transport sectors. EWABA represents the interests of the industry in order to ensure that waste-based biodiesel obtains a fair treatment in an ever changing EU regulatory framework and in the different legal systems of EU Member States and third countries of key relevance, such as the UK, Switzerland or Norway.

EWABA remains up to date on the latest happenings in lipid-based waste feedstocks such as used cooking oil, inedible fats and waste-based biodiesel markets, so that it can best inform its members, policy makers and a wide array of interested stakeholders.

A general assembly gathering all members is held on an annual basis where the association’s direction and achievements are discussed. Members decide upon the budget and strategy for the following year.

Executive Board

Consisting of industry experts and waste-based biodiesel market leaders, the Board holds regular discussions to set the direction for the association to attain its policy objectives.

  • Member Headshot President
    Michael Fiedler-Panajotopoulos

    REG Europe, Germany, The Netherlands

  • Member Headshot Vice-President
    Ewald-Marco Muenzer

    Muenzer Bioindustrie, Austria

  • Member Headshot Board Member / Treasurer
    Adam Baisley

    Olleco, United Kingdom

  • Member Headshot Board Member / Auditor
    Tony Hennebry

    GBI, Ireland

  • Member Headshot Board member
    Anabela Antunes

    Prio, Portugal

  • Member Headshot Board Member
    Angelo Nora

    PFP Biofuels, Italy

  • Member Headshot Board member
    Ben Hartland

    Greenergy, UK, The Netherlands

  • Member Headshot Board Member
    Detlef Evers

    MVaK, Germany, Austria, the Netherlands

  • Member Headshot Board Member
    Dickon Posnett

    Argent Energy, UK, The Netherlands

  • Member Headshot Board Member
    Enrique Gonzalez

    Biocom Energia, Spain

  • Member Headshot Board member
    Yorgos Kyriakopoulos

    Elin Biofuels, Greece


The Secretariat supports the association and its members, and is responsible for the running the daily duties of the organisation.

Secretary General: Angel Alvarez Alberdi

Angel Alvarez Alberdi

The Secretary General represents the waste-based biodiesel industry vis-à-vis the European Commission, European Parliament, Member State authorities and other EU and international stakeholders such as UN bodies, NGOs, research institutes and the media.

The Secretary General is also in charge of the administrative and budgetary management of the association and of its internal communications (policy notes, position papers, legal advice, newsletters). The Secretary General organises and chairs internal meetings and represents the association in international conferences and events.

Director for Communications & Analysis: Leonidas Kanonis

Leonidas Kanonis

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Exert influence over policy in Brussels, be kept up to date and rest assured that EWABA is representing you and your business at a European policy level. Together, those in the waste-based biodiesel production chain can showcase how beneficial to pollution reduction and sustainability our product can be.

Angel Alvarez Alberdi - angel.alberdi@ewaba.eu - 0032 (0)488 619 354
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EWABA’s members operate in 19 European Countries throughout the entire waste-based biodiesel production chain, from used cooking oil and tallow collectors through to firms blending waste-based biodiesel with diesel for use on the roads of Europe.